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To conform with City regulations and IRS requirements, The Crucible is now a 501(c)7 non-profit PRIVATE CLUB. As such, we require memberships for both our, and your security.

Members may bring up to 3 guests to most events.


If you're not sure of your memberships expiration date, go login to the membership page HERE. If you don't remember your number, click the 'renew' button, then the "send email" link, and you'll automatically be sent your number.

Regularly Scheduled Crucible Lifestyle Events:

Remember MEMBERSHIPS ARE MANDATORY. You will NOT be allowed to walk up and get a membership.

Every first Saturday of each month we host our Lifestyle events. These have been ongoing for a dozen years.

On-Premise events you most assuredly don't want to miss!

With the occasional exception, our events usually start at 9PM

You may pre purchase your event ticket and save some time getting in when you arrive

Ticket Center


Welcome to The Crucible, Washington DC's Only Alternate Lifestyles Nightclub

After a good three years at our old M Street location, we're forced to move again. Our building is being torn down to another redevelopment project.



412 V Street, NE DC

Lifestyle party will commence in June

Crucible Lifestyle

"All You Can Imagine ... and More"

Couples and single women's club -- NO SINGLE MEN ALLOWED

The Crucible hosts the only on-premise event in downtown DC and are held once per month. We will feature local DJ's from the DC area who spin regularly at other lifestyle clubs and events and a floor staff that has the experience to bring you a "Great Party"!!!!!

Now you are asking yourself where and how do I get to go to this party???

At the new NEW Crucible, with a dedicated Lifestyle Staff boasting a combined experience of over 40 years of throwing parties and events.

The New Crucible is located at: 412 VStreet NE. MAP

Our club features a dance floor, bars and various party play rooms throughout for your enjoyment.

Here you can dance anyway you choose with your partner or partners. Do what you want on the dance floor with no one telling you "you can't dance that way at this club".

Wear what ever makes you feel Hot and comfortable with no one to tell you "you can not have that on" or "please put that back on" like other clubs that put limits on you.


"Where the only limits are your own inhibitions."

Crucible Lifestyle membership is required to enter !

We will not be open to the public.

To gain entry to this club, you will be required to join the Crucible Lifestyle group (Membership must be paid for in advance, No membership sales at the door):

The Crucible Lifestyle annual membership fee is only $25 per person per year, just like you'll find at many other DC-Baltimore area lifestyle clubs.

Entrance is usually $40 per couple.

You may pre purchase your event ticket and save some time getting in when you arrive

Ticket Center

Whether you are new to the lifestyle or looking for an new place to make friends, Crucible Lifestuyles host the events that you won't want to miss!!

We also look forward to helping couples and single women throw any birthday parties, anniversaries, etc ..

Before you come ~ Read the Crucible's

Master Calendar Lesson

[Note: While we try hard to keep to the first Sat schedule, don't assume. Always check the Master Calendar, as the schedule will, on occasion, change due to other Crucible rentals]

Our new space is designed for both kinky and lifestyle play. We've got THREE PRIVATE ROOMS.


Dress Code?

We don't need no stinkin' dress code.

And other timely FAQ's:

We do NOT have a dress code. Never have in over 20+ years. We don't presume to tell you how to dress, we figure that was your mother's job, and she taught you the usual "dress to impress", etc. stuff. If you show up in work clothes, we're not going to send you away. We will, however, laugh at you in your futile attempts to get lucky.

It's kinda funny the things people will try to convince you of. We've heard several other comments lately about the Crucible, and what you can, and can't do here.

Here's the reality:

We've been in business for over 20 years!

We are a private, member's only, non-profit club in DC.
We have a 501(c)7 status with the IRS.
Everybody from the City Council on down knows us, and:

While a few events allows non members to attend, that's because we consider that as "outreach". They are few and far between. We want you to come and see us, then get a membership. Memberships are normally required because of the private club requirements in the District.

We have almost 2500 current members.

As a private club, we are allowed to DO ANYTHING

We are on-premise

Nudity is not only allowed, it's highly encouraged

We expect to be as good neighbors in this community as we were in the past, so please:

Don't park in front of the residences on 4th St.

Arrive early.
On Lifestyle nights, we have a DJ AND a full cash bar.
We take credit cards.
We have a dance light system over the dance floor
We have a stripper pole, a professional one.

Tickets are not required, but it speeds things up when coming in, and costs you less.

Memberships can be gotten HERE
Tickets can be prepurchased HERE

Did we mention:



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