Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between a Crucible vs a Crucible Lifstyle membership?

A: Nothing really, except to self identify as either kinky (Crucible) or swinger (Lifestyle). Each membership get's you the same perks and access to all our events.

Q: What is your dress code?

A: We don't have a dress code. We presume that you are adults, and don't need our supervision or advice in dressing you to go out in public.

General guidlines, however, are the standard: 'Dress to Impress' If you come to an event dressed like you're going fishing, or to a round of golf or to a construction site, the chances of you getting lucky are substantially less than if you show up dressed in your best sexy look-at-me-I'm-HOT clothes.

Q: Can we BYOB?

A: No We have a cash bar.

Q: What is parking situation?

A: There is plenty of parking all around us, but all the lots are paid parking. If you arrive early enough, our lot (immediately next to our building) is also paid, but is usually empty. The parking attendant will take your $10 (price for all the lots) and keep an eye on your car till you leave late at night. If you arrive later than 10:00 PM, you'll be fighting the FUR and Ibeza nighclub crowds for parking. There is minimal on street parking, again if you get there early enough.

Q: Can single men come?

A: Sorry No.

Q: Can single men, get a membership

A: Yes.

We welcome single men as members, but for you must find a date to attend Crucible Lifestyle events.

Q: What are your cleaning/safety protocols?

A: We are very aware of the scourge of the AIDS virus, and you will find a supply of condoms throughout the Annex. Safe Sex is required unless you and your partner(s) are fluid bonded.

A2: We are also very aware of the H1N1 flu pandemic, and have recently installed touch free paper towel dispensers in all the bathrooms. You will also find hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the Crucible for your convenience. If you are not feeling well with flu symptoms, please stay home until you are sure the virus has run it's course. While we share much at Crucible Lifestyle, we encourage you to not do so with medical issues. Common sense rules.

Q: Can we bring a camera and take pictures?

A: Absolutely NOT. We pride ourselves on our privacy and discretion. We ask that you not use your cell phones, camera enabled or not, ipads, etc. anyhere in the Crucible except outside. This is for our privacy, as well as yours.



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